Instructions on How to Empty Your RV Holding Tanks

This simple 10 step procedure will keep odor away, keep your tanks clean and make you one happy camper.

First off, here are a few baseline items I want to address. While I travel (both full time and weekender trips) I see people breaking these cardinal rules.

Rule 1: Wear gloves.

Rule 2: Don’t use your drinking water hose for flushing your sewer system.

Rule 3: Always have blue chemical such as Porta-Pak by Walex on hand.

Rule 4: Leave your black tank valve CLOSED when connected to full hook up sewer. It’s OK to open the grey valve and let grey water flow straight to the sewer.

Ok – now that we got some rules out of the way – lets get to a quick and easy step-by-step for emptying those tanks.

STEP 1: Before starting a trip add blue chemical to your black tank along with 1 to 2 gallons of water.

STEP 2: Once your black tank gets about 2/3 full or the night before your last day at the campground, close your grey tank. This grey tank water will aide in flushing the hose upon dumping.

STEP 3: Pull to dump station OR dump at your site if equipped with sewer connection

STEP 4: Pull the black handle first and completely dump the black tank

STEP 5: Connect your utility hose (not your drinking hose) to your tank wash port and turn the valve on for about 2 minutes. This will wash the remaining goods from the tank.

STEP 6: Turn off the wash port water supply and close the black tank valve.

STEP 7: Pull the grey handle to empty your grey tank and wash the sewer line clean

STEP 8: Close the grey handle and begin disconnecting your sewer lines

STEP 9: Add blue chemical to your tank along with 1 to 2 gallons of water even if it is going into storage for a little time during summer months. This will help keep odor down. Follow winterizing steps in your manual if dumping for the last time at end of season.

STEP 10: Wash arms and hands!

That’s all there is to it. Don’t overcomplicate things. Dumping is one of the easiest tasks. Just make sure those hose connections are tight and threaded correctly before pulling those handles! Enjoy and Happy Adventures.